S h e k i n a h    G l o r y

Slideshow testimony of Adam & Rhonda Glazener's process of breaking new ground for Jesus in Bellville, TX. /The pioneering spirit/ 'We are expanding the borders of the Kingdom in the region'

Revival Culture 

We are forerunners of God's revival with fire, anointing, and authority of His word.  We are ministering God's anointing, power, salvation, deliverance and healing by living a yielded life to the Spirit of God for this purpose.  We believe the current era of the movement of God is releasing revival glory through emerging apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers of His gospel & kingdom.  Dead religious structures are falling away as the sons & daughters of God are arising to carry His glory & revival into the earth.  God is sending His firebrands who are determined to produce revival worship, revival meetings, and revival prayer allowing Holy Spirit to invade!  They are born in the secret place with God in the fire of His Spirit with intense love of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The Winds of Revival are Blowing

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